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Once you've got your board ready and all the parts have been put in and soldered in place, you need an accurate way to test your board to ensure it will work the way it's intended to. ARDCO Rosseett Manufacturing Corporation can either connect it to a machine to see if it's working right or we can design a specific tester to help you determine its capabilities.

Dependable Testing and Rework Options

If you have a particular testing method that you want to use, we can also assist you with that to ensure your board is working the way you need it to. Once we verify the board will work as expected, the item can be shipped and sold.

Additional helpful testing information

ARDCO Rosseett Manufacturing Corporation can also assist you with additional engineering expertise, prototyping and manufacturing. Just call 405-321-0550 today to give us an idea of how we can assist you!

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Our highly-skilled technicians have 60 years of combined experience and expertise in electronic testing and rework. We also possess state-of-the-art testing equipment, including the Teradyne Z128 and HP3065HX 'bed of nails' testers and functional test.


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