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ARDCO Rosseett Manufacturing Corporation can assist you with all the necessary circuit board assemblies you require. We purchase blank boards and then attach the electronic parts to it using solder. We can create through-hole and surface-mount devices depending on what works best for your specific needs.

Professional Circuit Assembly and Electronic Design

• Thin quad flat packs (TQFP)

• Plastic lead chip carriers (PLCC)

• Ball grid arrays (BGAs)

• Through-hole devices

• Electric Engineering

• Design

• Layout

• Schematics

• Bill of materials

Options we can create for you include:

Quick turnaround for PCB assembly

We Provide FREE Estimates for Manufacturing Costs!


• All work guaranteed for

  1 year

• In business since 1989

• Locally owned and  

  operated business

• Knowledgeable

  technicians with

  experience in reading

  schematics and


• Over 45 years of

  experience as a design


PCB testing is performed after the design and building stages of your board to better identify what is working and what isn't so we can make adjustments. Once the testing is completed, we can send the finished pieces to our customer. In the event that you want to change or redesign your board, we can do so before building it for them.

Don't forget the other dependable services available

ARDCO Rosseett Manufacturing Corporation can also assist you with top-quality prototyping, manufacturing, and testing and rework options. Just call 405-321-0550 today for any assistance you require!

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